VBM Toolkit for Wordpress


VBM Toolkit for WordPress

£9.99 (excl. vat)

Add Google Analytics to your Wordpress website



Bursting with functions, this is the VBM Toolkit plugin for WordPress.

This plugin will take care of a multitude of items

  1. Easily add Google Analytics Tracking code to your WordPress site.
  2. Create a safe environment for your clients:
    1. Remove the “Deactivate” link from selected plugins
    2. Disable WordPress Theme changes – remove the “Appearance” menu
    3. Disable / Hide selected WordPress menu options (Posts, Media, Links, Tools etc..)
    4. Disable selected Sub Menu items
    5. Restrict WordPress admin menu items, based on Username
    6. Hide WordPress upgrade message
  3. Create personalised Dashboard widgets
  4. Add, remove & reorder Dashboard Widgets by role.
  5. Create a custom Dashboard footer
  6. Change the WordPress logo on the wp-admin login screen
  7. Add a custom WordPress Dashboard logo for branding


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