Facebook – what sizes?

Facebook – what sizes?

FACEBOOK images and sizes for 2020!

Quite often, we get asked the simple question “What size should my image be for Facebook?”

When setting up a Business Facebook page, you want the best value for you online digital marketing. Quality of images used, and sizes are paramount to make your page stand out and look professional. Nothing will reflect more poorly on your brand, than a Facebook Page with low quality images or even worse, looks like it is still under construction!

So, we thought we would help you out step by step through the image maze run of Facebook, with these step by step tips and guides.

Today we will concentrate around your Profile Photo – Cover Photo – News Feed link size and ratio, Desktop News display – Mobile News display and Right Column image size.


Small yet powerful, you can either have your logo displayed here or and image of yourself. For the best result, upload a square image (180 x180 px, 360 x 360px, 720 x 720px, 960 x 960px, you catch my drift). Even though you save them in either 180 x 180px or 960 x 960px, it will still be displayed on your main Business Facebook page as 160 x 160px – however if you click the image it will appear in the size you saved it in.


This area can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. Firstly, the size of the Cover Photo is different depending on whether it is a Business Page or a Personal Profile. This has sometimes been a little confusing and add to the mix, the Cover Photo gets cropped in Mobile display, so you have to make sure that all the important information or graphics are within the ‘safe zone’.

To help you out, we’ve actually made you a little template to download, so you can safely create and display graphics that will work both on mobile and desktop users.

Please click on the Image Template and download the full-size version by saving it.

Cover Photo Template 828 x 315px

This Image will work best for your desktop display and will display fully on 829 x 315px. When the image is displayed for Mobile users, Facebook will cut the blue sides and only display the grey area (560 x 315px).

Next Image Template will be fully visible on a mobile device (928 x 461px), however Facebook will cut the grey top and bottom area to display the blue area only, which takes us back to 828 x 315px.

Cover Photo Template for Mobile devices 928 x 461px

Next week we will be looking into Facebook Video Ad sizes and Facebook Carousel Photo Sizes, so make sure you pop in and have a look and as always, if you are looking for some help marketing or rebranding yourself and your business, we’re only a few clicks away 🙂